In waves - Trivium CD

In waves TriviumCD

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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 05.08.2011

The songs still have the guitar-dominated sound the fans love and expect; some tracks are even harder and more aggressive than previously. At the same time, Trivium managed to make a big step forward with „In Waves", particularly in visual and lyrical terms. The entire artwork (including videos, stage set and websites) is inspired by contemporary film, art as well as the love for hard music, and something comparable is hardly to be found in the scene. In this context, the complete album features a very special atmosphere taking the listener on a journey the destination of which is still unknown. In any case it leads you along a wide, open street full of darkness and other curiosities. Visual implementation took place in close collaboration between the band and a team of selected visual artists who created a new, unique and very original optic concept having the effect of a graphic novel that has become alive. Although there is a leitmotif on "In Waves", this doesn't mean that it is a concept album.


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