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Age of ignorance - Our Last Night CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 17.08.2012

That's a great one! With their third album "The Age Of Ignorance", Our Last Night take the next logical step of their development. But first things first. The band from New Hampshire was founded by the brothers Trevor and Matt Wentworth - at a time when Trevor was just 11 years old! He showed his talent pretty early, because only a few years later they signed with Epitaph, then build up their characteristic profile step by step and toured with Saosin, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Attack Attack, I See Stars, From First To Last and Four Year Strong. Their mature, elaborate and powerful music, leaves you speechless considering their age, and has gained great popularity: fans and critics simply were overwhelmed. This should also be the case with "The Age of Ignorance", because it seems that 'Our Last Night' have now entirely found their stride. Trevor has evolved into a charismatic front man whose harmonic singing provides a vital contrast to the shout outs of his older brother Matt. Melodic Hardcore, as intense as it gets!


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