Misery escape - The Sorrow CD

Misery escape The SorrowCD

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The Sorrow
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UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 26.10.2012

This limited initial release of the new album "Misery Escape" by The Sorrow comes in a digipak with two bonus tracks.

With their fourth LP the metalcore quartet from the Austrian Vorarlberg seems to have matured in many ways. "Misery Escape" sounds grown up and almost old school. While their predecessors were at least in part still marked by youthful madness, the eleven new tracks actually sound more clearly structured and less cluttered. Once again the merciless riff attacks dominate the sound, supplemented by the enormous grooves and strong vocal power of front man Mathias Schlegel, who convinces right down the line - be it by yelling or by his haunting clean vocals. The Austrians manage to concentrate the elemental force of metalcore and to act as freshly and unruly as their idols of Killswitch Engage do on their renowned works. "Misery Escape" has it all: hard, brutal, melodic, harmonic, modern and as precise as a Swiss watch. Highlights abound on this little gem, especially the 'In Flames' reminiscent "A Reason", the likewise spherical "Buried In The Deep" and the blistering race that is "Retracing Memories", which opens the series. All in all, thumbs up - everything done right.


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