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Spiritual healing - Death CD

Spiritual healing DeathCD

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GenreDeath Metal
UdgaveDeluxe Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 23.11.2012

Deluxe re-issue on a double CD! The first disc contains the completely remastered version of the original album, while the bonus CD comes with 16 unreleased demo recordings, outtakes, and studio instrumentals.

The album "Spiritual Healing" by 'Death' is nothing less than genre defining! This masterpiece was originally released in 1990 and it marks a turning point in the 'Death' discography, which introduced clear production while creating a shift in the boundaries of musicality and musical skills, previously inconceivable before for a metal band! "Spiritual Healing" sets the standard for death metal riffs, crazy speed changes and, of course, phenomenal guitar solos by frontman Chuck Schuldiner. Finally available on vinyl again!


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