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Live at Rockpalast - Guano Apes DVD

Live at Rockpalast Guano ApesDVD

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Guano Apes
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Udgivelsesdato: 09.11.2012
Guano Apes - Live At Rockpalast
Guano Apes

There are only a few German bands that manage to become the soundtrack of a whole generation with only a few chords and lyrics, that have never been heard before. After "Open Your Eyes", "Lords Of The Boards" and numerous further hits a lot of teenage lives had been turned around, something that was wrong before, became right. In 1997 the Guano Apes played the legendary E Werk in Cologne into the ground, this DVD is no less than a contemporary document of where the then top of alternative rock in Europe was situated. After three number one albums and a few hits... 14 years in the future and the Guano Apes have returned in 2011. Their furious comeback is called "Bel Air". Everything was different, but also familiar. You know the other person and the Apes have shaken the Cologne E Werk once again.

sound: PCM
screen: 4:3/16:9


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