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Iron Maiden
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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 10.09.1998

"Iron Maiden" is the only Maiden album that was produced by Will Malone. However, Malone lost interest in the ongoing project during the recordings and the Iron Maiden band members had to take the rest of the production into their own hands. "Iron Maiden" is as well the only album by the band of the same name on which Dennis Stratton can be heard.

Together with all other albums released before The X Factor, this album was supplemented by interactive intervals and then re-released. Apart from a slightly modified cover artwork, the re-release version contains the song "Sanctuary" which was so far only available on the original US version released in 1980 and the double CD version which appeared in 1995. Whereas on the original version "Sanctuary" is the seventh song after "Strange World", it is on second position on the re-release version. "Iron Maiden" reached place #4 in the UK charts, and was awarded platinum in Canada and gold in 1996 in Germany.

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