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The X-factor Iron MaidenCD

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Iron Maiden
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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 30.06.1995

If one listens more intensively to the first album "The X-Factor" by Iron Maiden after the new line-up with Blaze Bayley, not only some really great songs, but also good vocal performances are striking. "The X-Factor" not only features a fundamental vocal innovation within the band, but provides also some surprises for long-term fans in musical terms, as the entire songwriting has become more gloomy. According to songwriter, bass player and producer Steve Harris, this was due to the personal rock-bottom he had hit after Dickinson's departure and the separation from his wife.
"The X-Factor" reached place #8 of the British charts, achieved place #16 in Germany and stayed in the German charts for 10 weeks.


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