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Under my skin (A fine selection of Doro classics) - Doro CD

Under my skin (A fine selection of Doro classics) DoroCD

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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 05.07.2013

When Doro revved up with her band Warlock in 1982, nobody could foresee what was coming for them during the next two and a half decades. Due to Doro's charismatic appearance, her powerful and unique voice and her always friendly, down-to-earth demeanor, Warlock quickly became famous throughout the scene and Doro Pesch was chosen as the first true metal queen. After the splitting up of Warlock Doro started her solo career and had even greater success! She worked together with the greats of the genre, such as Gene Simmons (Kiss) and Lemmy (Motörhead), toured extensively with her band and became the star we know today. Albums such as their debut "True As Steel", "Calling The Wild" or "Warrior Soul" & "Fear No Evil" are referred to as classics of the genre since their release.

And the legend continues... even after 25 years in the music business Doro shows no signs of fatigue. In this captivating form the metal queen will surely keep on delighting her supporters for a long time.


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