Peace - Vista Chino CD
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UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 30.08.2013

Kyuss are regarded as the creators of stoner and desert rock genres. Groups like Queens Of The Stone Age, Mondo Generator, Unida, Slo Burn and Brant Bjork & Operators emerged from the band. Now the founding members Brant Bjork and John Garcia are back with another project: Vista Chino! In a time where the genre is experiencing another heyday Vista Chinos debut album "Peace" is a clear statement and will find its well deserved position in the rock'n'roll world. The long lasting pursuit for musical innovation lead to their contemporary sound which is inevitably connected to their past. John Garcia was happy about the signing at Napalm: "Kyuss Lives! It's now Vista Chino." With every note "Peace" is underlining how skilled and positive the musical heritage is pursued. The characteristic low tuned guitars, the bass heavy sound and the perfectly incorporated psychedelic elements will leave every fan of the genre happy. 13 minute long works like "Acidize...The Gambling Moose" or the hit single "Dargona Dragona" contribute to the phoenix-like reincarnation.


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