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Hörensagen (Nostalgiealbum I) - Versengold CD

Hörensagen (Nostalgiealbum I) VersengoldCD

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GenreMiddelalder/Folk Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 25.01.2013

Versengold originate from the world of fantasy live role play and and made their mark in the middle age scene. Since 2012 the band is part of the "Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum" festival, the biggest German middle age event tour that will play in 20 German cities in 2013 - of course with Versengold!

"Hoerensagen" and "Allgebraeu" are the first two albums of the band (back then with a different line-up and additional female vocals), that weren't available for many years and are now re-released as "Nostalgie-Editionen" due to the high demand of the fans.

You will hear zestful, self composed songs, realized with flutes, guitars and harmonic vocals in two voices. The lyrics are self written as well and tell humorous stories from past times. There are also romantic songs on the album - one of them is even composed in Tolkiens elven language Sindarin.


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