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Shrine of the pentagram - Treblinka CD

Shrine of the pentagram TreblinkaCD

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GenreDeath Metal
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 04.10.2013

“Shrine Of The Pentagram,” is the first official release by 'Treblinka', one of the most well known and infamous death/black metal band of all times. The album is available as a limited 3 CD king size media book including a slipcase and as a limited LP box set (5LP + booklet) and a sturdy hard cover slipcase. 'Treblinka' released two demo tapes and a 7-inch EP in between 1987 and 1989. They changed their name to 'Tiamat' after their release of the “Severe Abominations” EP, and soon became one of the biggest and most influential metal bands of the nineties. This release includes a lot of unreleased photos, a long interview conducted by Daniel Ekeroth (the author of “Swedish Death Metal”) with the former Treblinka band members Jörgen Thullberg and Stefan Lagergren and an extensive interview conducted by Olivier Badin (editor of the Terrorizer and Iron Fits (UK)) with the former Treblinka band member and now Tiamat’s main songwriter Johan Edlund.


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