TilbageEMPPlastic green head
Plastic green head - Trouble LP
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UdgaveFarvet, Limited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 29.11.2013

This album took two years of hard work - and the work has been worthwhile. The now sixth Trouble-album brings the qualities of the band together and partly sounds like a mixture from the first, Doom-like part of the Trouble-history ("Psalm 9", "The scull", "Run to the light") and the second, Psychedelic-influenced phase ("Trouble", "Manic frustration"). "Plastic Green Head" is a bit tougher than both predecessors ... The songs on "Plastic green head" sound more energetic, more determined - as if they deliberately were staking everything on one card. The result are eleven first class tracks, covering the normal range from ballad to midtempo-rockers ... in short: "Plastic green head" is a world class album, which won't disappoint Trouble fans and convince the sceptics.


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