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Zwischen gleich und anders - Massendefekt CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 21.02.2014

At home in the lower Rhine sea bush near Düsseldorf and for more than ten years musically active, MASSENDEFEKT count with four successful published studio albums, various compilation contributions and hundreds of completed concerts as one of the hottest German rock acts of the nation. The band based around singer and guitar player SEBASTIAN"SEBI" BEYER proved recently with their 2012 published (highly splendid) LP"Tangodiesel", that they unequivocally count as the guarantors of cliché-free, authentic rock sounds. With"Zwischen Gleich Und Anders", the quartet is now in the pole position at the start and waits with nothing less than a song and a sound technically perfect staged masterpiece. Produced congenial by TIM SCHULTE (WÖLLI & DIE BAND DES JAHRES, STIGMA), who succeeded to transfer the incomparable vitality and energy of their lives shows into the studio, they ignite by uncompromising-driving guitar riffing a sparkling firework of irresistible unerring harmonies and choruses that falls somewhere between German rock, indie, punk and pop. The band shines both with straight drive and playful hardness and hit suspicious catchiness. The real-life German songs, that are lyrically accustomed held personally, deal with – including the current single uncoupling"Endlosschleifen” – unpretentious everyday stories.


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