Sweven - Morbus Chron CD
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GenreDeath Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 21.02.2014

Old school? New school? Don't ask. MORBUS CHRON never went to school. In a mass of trends and conformity, the four guys from Stockholm stand out. They are one of the most authentic and unique extreme metal bands today. In the pulsating new wave of Swedish death metal, they are even one of the most original bands overall. Their new album "Sweven" defines a new era of death metal. MORBUS CHRON exceeded their raw and simple style with "Sweven" and added many scary acoustic parts in order to create a nightmare of horror. In cooperation with producer Fred Estby (ex-Dismember), the band found a warm and ghostly sound for their vision. The resulting soundscape provides death and terror. Even the hardest fans will have shivers running down their spines. Guitar and drum patterns flow into various directions and create dark cathedrals in which Robert's distressed voice echoes in agony.


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