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Lost forever / Lost together - Architects CD

Lost forever / Lost together ArchitectsCD

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Pakkeankomst:  Sandsynligvis mellem Mandag, 28.08.2017 & Onsdag, 30.08.2017


Udgivelsesdato: 07.03.2014

"Lost Forever/ Lost Together", the sixth studio album by the metalcore band from Brighton is on one side the most electric and most ambitious album of the past ten years in the bands history, on the other side the most controlled one. For the debut of the Epitaph label, they mixed their combination of crude and thundering metal and melody loaded hardcore with heavy riffs and complicated arrangements, which are influenced by bands like Sigur Ros. The lyrics have also been a sweeping journey through the horror cabinet of life: The topics vary from the natural disaster of Fukushima to their guitar player, singer and songwriter Tom Searle's skin cancer. The album has been recorded in Göteborg in Sweden together with producer Frederik Nordström and Henrik Udd. "We all love post rock bands like This Will Destroy You and Sigur Ros" Searle says, "for us, this has been the way to include some subtitles and to be heavy at the same time".


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