TilbageEMPFrom the flame into the fire
From the flame into the fire - Lord Of The Lost CD
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GenreGotisk Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 23.05.2014

With the quite literally to take title "From The Flame Into The Fire", the Gothic-Metal-high flyers bring to mind from the beginning that it's getting down to the nitty-gritty on their new album.

The new magnus opus appears not only as regular album-CD, but also as Deluxe Double Disc, including a bonus disc with remixes and new interpretations of Lord Of The Lost-songs be befriended bands, among others with Subway To Sally, Letzte Instanz, OST+FRONT, Rabia Sorda, Comte Caspar of Coppelius and Formalin, to name a few. For real fans the album is also available as strictly limited box set, which contains next tro the double-CD an XL postcard set, a patch and a DVD with the complete recording of teh concert of the band on the 2nd Gothic Meets Klassik Festival in Leipzig, where the band performed with a complete symphony orchestra. Certain is that it doesn't matter what format you choose - Lord Of The Lost never sounded bigger, harder, more epic and better. Love the best and fuck the rest!


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