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Cemetery sickness - Desecration CD
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GenreDeath Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 26.06.2014

"Cemetery Sickness" is the current album of the Welsh Death Metal Bastards, Desecration. With each and every release Desecration have been a fresh breath of air and 'Cemetery Sickness' is no exception. Strongly influenced by Death Metal of the early nineties Desecration serve us on their seventh longplayer eleven solid old school Death Metal grenades, brimming with catchy riffs, hammer drums and brute lyrics. Singer/guitarist Ollie Jones: "This album doesn't have a specific main theme, but some of the songs play in a cemetery. We wanted to close in on our hardness, extreme perversions, we had since the beginning of our band career, but now we became even better than ever." If you compare it to the last album of the band, 'Forensix", "Cemetery sickness" has the same qualities, but is better in terms of production..."We wanted a natural drum sound, and keep generally everything old school, because we really do thinkg that's good." The artwork for "Cemetery sickness" is made by Jumali Katani, among others known by his work for Scent Of Death and Thy Art Is Murder. Fans of Krisiun/Vader/Cannibal Corpse can safely grab their chance here.


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