Slab City - Steak CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 05.09.2014

People say that the Britons prefer their steak rare, almost raw. This is however an English piece of meat that is rather grilled and has been well hung previously. One could even say this thing is thoroughly dry. Since "dry" is how the sound performed by the four young guys from London can be described. Nothing is snobbish, artificial or prettied up. „Slab City“ sounds like pongy rehearsal rooms, beer, sweat and honest work. Dry, groovy Stoner Rock inspired by big names in this genre like Dozer, Freedom Hawk, Fu Manchu or of course the all-mighty Kyuss combined with some far out, psychedelic Monster Magnet-like references. The band founded in 2010 has released two EPs so far that not only created a sensation because of its strong songs, but also due to the original comic artworks that are based on a clear concept. STEAK - certainly no everyday Stoner band.

"Slab City" comes as limited first edition including the bonus track "Old Timer D.W."


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