Pure heavy - Audrey Horne CD

Pure heavy Audrey HorneCD

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Audrey Horne
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GenreHard Rock
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 26.09.2014

One might regret the seventies, sincerely miss the eighties and consider the nineties as particularly undervalued decade. But one could also just insert „Pure Heavy“ by the Norwegian Rock band AUDREY HORNE into the CD player and thus receive all missed Rock epochs free to the door. With an admirable energy, a keen sense for strong hooks, fine licks and great melodies, the album rocks straight into the heart of all fans of Rock music. Especially the ageless compositions, the ultra-dynamic sound and the uncontested authenticity make of „Pure Heavy“ an unlimited listening pleasure. Does the album's title reflect its programme? Is this pure Heavy Metal? Well, the album is in fact heavy and rock-hard, but it is at the same time deeply melodic and equipped with a lot of love to the detail, in short: a real cornucopia of great songs.

This limited first edition of "Pure Heavy" comes in a 6-sided digipak & 2 bonus live tracks.


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