Ashes to ashes - Chelsea Grin CD
Vi beklager, men denne vare er udgået, og kommer ikke igen.


Udgivelsesdato: 01.08.2014

On "Ashes to Ashes" the sextet presents forceful tracks in their typical heavy metal way that have been produced in a very sophisticated way. In the process Alex Koehler's vast vocals belt out melodic, groovy thrilling sounds and rhythms typical of the band originating from Salt Lake City. Matthias Künzel of Outspoken magazine perfectly outlined the new sounds of Chelsea Grin: "One genre is not sufficient at all anymore. The band outgrew themselves with their new album by giving more than just a breakdown attitude combined with death metal. They come across more mature and playful while the fans of their earlier works are satisfied, too. The new tunes are joined by blastbeats, growls and breaks. It's a good combination of usual hardness and playful melodies. This is a very appealing album, to the band we say: Stay together like this. It works."


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