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(What's the story) Morning glory? - Oasis CD

(What's the story) Morning glory? OasisCD

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Udgivelsesdato: 26.09.2014

"(What s The Story) Morning Glory?”, the second album by Oasis, was released in 1995 at the peak of the brit-pop boom and sold more than 22 million copies to date. In the course of the "Chasing the sun edition" it will now again be released in three different formats. The remastered new edition by Ian Cooper of "(What s The Story) Morning Glory?” is available as a standard CD, as a special Edition with three CDs and as 12 inch vinyl double LP (with digital download bundle of all bonus CD contents). The demand for the legendary band from Manchester is as huge as ever: "Definitely Maybe”, the first re-release of the "Chasing the sun edition”, reached number five in the British charts, the majority of the sales were realized through the vinyl edition. Every "Chasing the sun” album is released with exclusive bonus contents.


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