The return - Nonpoint CD
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GenreNu Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 26.09.2014

Finally NONPOINT release their new album "The Return". Still, after 17 years in business, the quintet from Florida has preserved its energy. The riffs are very intense, bass and drums create an unbeatable groove, and the singer offers stories about pain and endurance. "The Return" is as rough, gripping and real as the musicians: Elias Soriano [vocals], Robb Rivera [drums], Rasheed Thomas [guitar], Adam Woloszyn [bass], and B.C. Kochmit [guitar]. In February 2014 NONPOINT entered Groovemaster Studios with the Grammy Award nominated producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Staind, Megadeth) and engineer Daniel Salcidoto. This is already their second cooperation, and this time the band has created a whole armoury of tight and tough songs.


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