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Following the beast - Gormathon CD
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GenreMelodisk Death Metal
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 26.09.2014

Gor-Ma-what?! GORMATHON! The Gormathon is a beast, a hybrid of angel and warrior. He is the almighty stranger. At least that is how this Swedish band explains their name. Anybody anticipating black metal is wrong. Gormathon is a band that has no fear of physical contact. Their sound is inspired by melodic death metal, thrash elements and influences from the modern heavy metal genre or the old metal heroes of the eighties.
"We all have different backgrounds and inspirations. Maybe that is why our music sounds a little bit different than the common metal style.", says guitar player Stefan Jonsson regarding the creation of their sound. "We had very clear ideas of how Gormathon should sound like. We knew exactly what the metal scene nowadays lacks. We just had to get it out of our heads and our instruments. I think our new record will prove that we succeeded.”
And with that, Gormathon continue the tradition of first class metal bands originating from the small, Swedish village Bollnäs. Jonsson explains the city which is at the centre of many legends: "There is nothing going on here. That is why we are so loyal to heavy metal. However, if you dare to leave our boring city and venture into the woods, you will encounter gnomes, trolls and other creatures.” Or the Gormathon!

The upcoming album "Following the Beast” is released as black LP and will also entertain Amon Amarth fans, while they grind their battle axes.


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