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Memoirs of a madman - Ozzy Osbourne DVD
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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 10.10.2014

Ozzy Osbourne legitimately made with the 2-DVD "Memoirs of a madman" a visually stunning monument. The comprehensive compilation of the music videos of his classic, previously unreleased live recordings and interviews of his solo career should be worth a visual trip to any Ozzy-fan and shorten the time to the planned studio album. The first DVD contains more than a dozen music videos of the classic, including alternative version of "Mama, I'rm coming home" and Making of-material of the videos "Let me hear you scream" as well as "Life won't wait". On the second DVD you can find live versions and rare interview clips (partly VHS material & unreleased material), which make the package a successful voyage through the Ozzy-cosmos.


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