Odium - Morgoth CD
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GenreDeath Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 12.09.2014

The time has come for the re-release of one of the greatest albums of German death metal: "Odium" by MORGOTH was released in 1993 and showed the band from a different side, because it connected primitive, apocalyptic death metal with modern tunes and atmospheric darkness. "Odium" had been unavailable for many years. Here we have a completely revised re-release, which has been created in collaboration with the band. Equipped with full lyrics (which were not there for the first edition), a detailed interview, updated layouts and a murderous remastering by Patrick W. Engel (Heaven Shall Burn, Asphyx etc.). This album provides everything that the death metal heart longs for. No question: "Odium" is essential.


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