The first - Amulet CD
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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 19.09.2014

There are a lot of bands that you can put into the metal genre, but there are only a few that truly represent it. It's their fantastic dedication for this type of music that makes these metal maniacs different from others, it's their pure passion for metal. The London based band 'Amulet' have dedicated their life to this music and live through it.
Their debut EP "Cut The Crap" (2011) has been a real statement. 'Amulet' unite the early and rough Iron Maiden charm with classic metal and transport this into the 21st century.
What else would you expect from a band, where the members are such die hard Underground fans? In 2010, guitar player Heathen Steven helped with the founding of the Live Evil Festival in London (with help from the Darkthrone drummer Fenriz), that presents a platform to the best Underground bands of the scene. Vocalist Jamie Elton has been supporting metal bands for many years and organised gigs for bands like Pagan Altar or Cloven Hoof. Drummer "Dave Sherwood On Drums" is known internationally for being a fanatical metal fan. Guitar player Nippy Blackford has been a true shred king, since the 90's, and put the special something on this album. bass player Bill Dozer is basically the 'Cronos' of the band and a well known tattoo artist. He has also created all artwork and is also responsible for the great painting on their debut album "The First".
The album has been produced and mixed in an old school and DIY style by Jamie Elton, like with a lot of the older NWOBHM bands, and is a rocking heavy metal monster. It unites the groove of Black Sabbath, the spirit of Judas Priest, the loudness of Motörhead and the playfulness of the early Iron Maiden. Despite those comparisons, "The First" has its own sound. "Glint Of The Knife" and "Mark Of Evil" are classic head bangers and "The Sacrifice" is a great stomper, to celebrate live.
AMULET impress with more than music, they live the true spirit of heavy metal. They have proven this on "The First" and with numerous live shows, for example during the Bloodstock Open Air, Muskelrock
in Sweden and the Hell's Pleasure in Germany. This music is fun and you know that it's by people that play it with dedication. That's why AMULET could be one of the most powerful bands of the scene.


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