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Faszination Weltraum - Farin Urlaub Racing Team CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 17.10.2014

The sky, the summer, some comfortable survival strategies, town planning and aesthetics, leisure suit and Superman costume, pheromones and heart, the beautiful and the good - and the fate: The Farin Urlaub Racing Team has everything in tow. Faszination Weltraum is the fourth studio album by Farin Urlaub in the 13 years of his solo career and it is the first one in six years. That sounds like a long break - but if you know Farin Urlaub a bit, you know that he is working on other projects too. His music benefits of his months of travelling. After all, the most ideas for his songs are emerging right there, on the road.
Faszination Weltraum is - in short - rock music. The songs on this new album come with the power of a pretty big herd of buffalo's, trampling and hook beating through the neat flower beds of contemporary pop music. When you listen to this album, you may wonder, when the speakers will finally catch fire - while your soul is already ablaze. But before it becomes all to one dimensional, there comes the sensitive ballad, some surprising trips into not necessarily expected genres - and the one essential piece of Ska. This time it is even named Heute Tanzen, but then again it is about something completely different, if you look closely.

"Faszination Weltraum" comes in a digipak.


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