Zombieland - Megaherz CD

Zombieland MegaherzCD

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UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 24.10.2014

This limited version of "Zombieland" comes in media book and with a bonus CD, on which you can find the bonus tracks "Sanctus Domingus", "Herz aus Stein" as well as the piano versions of "Augenblick" and "Gegen den Wind".

Dark riffs, cool grooves and choruses, arising the flair of „The Walking Dead“ - welcome to "Zombieland"! In the realm of the undead only one rules: Megaherz-singer Alex „Lex“ Wohnhaas, who deprives the sould of the fans as zombie hunter and specialist of melodramatic songs. With Lex in the epicentre of a metaphysical drive "Zombieland" sounds like an embodiment of a deathwatch becoming Rock music. As sensitive and intelligent as his lyrics, so magical and eerie are also the new songs: Megaherz are back - stronger than ever before - and prove with the new album that they still count to the more exciting and leading bands of the new German hardness!


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