Gipfelstürmer - Unheilig CD

Gipfelstürmer UnheiligCD

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GenreGotisk Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 12.12.2014

Three years have passed since the last studio album by Unheilig. In the meantime the 'Graf' and his band summed up 15 years of Unheilig on a retrospective, the first best of-album of their long career. Now finally a completely new studio album appears! It is the eighth one and is called „Gipfelstürmer“. Again new songs are based on a thematic concept. Breathtaking, rugged mountains constitute the framework for the song subjects. Of course without neglecting the emotional side of life and and by further perfecting his personal style, the 'Graf' has used the break in songwriting in order to wrap up his pictures, thoughts and dreams in new, exciting stories.


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