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Udgivelsesdato: 24.12.2014
Wacken 3D
Spilletid: 92 min.
Lyd:Dolby Digital 5.1

“Wacken“ is unique. Indescribable. Almost legend. Once a year, three days in August, the small village in northern German province epicentre, mass phenomenon and world capital of the bit harder pace. Then nearly 75.000 „Metalheads“ from all over the world travel to Wacken Open Air, to pay homage to their music and their high priests - the biggest bands from the international Metal scene. And of course to celebrate together. Since 1990, when the first Wacken Open Air with almost 800 visitors wasn't much more than a freakish idea, it grew year after year. To date it has developed into the world's biggest Open Air Festival of its kind, where the tickets are sold out within a few days each year. Even long before the involved bands are confirmed at all. A lot has been reported, written, documented about the festival already. But what exactly makes Wacken so special? What is the fascination of this festival, what is the magic - the „soul“? What does Wacken have, what other do not have? Hard to say, with just words, numbers or anecdotes. And yet somehow very simple: to understand Wacken, you have to experience Wacken!! In "Wacken - Der Film".

With performances and interviews from and with among others Rammstein, Deep Purple, Anthrax, Motörhead, Alice Cooper and Henry Rollins, as well as with the Wacken-founders Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner, and much more.


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