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Everything will be alright in the end - Weezer CD

Everything will be alright in the end WeezerCD

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Udgivelsesdato: 03.10.2014

'Weezer' are releasing their long-awaited ninth studio album "Everything Will Be Alright In The End". The album has been produced by Ric Ocasek, who has already been responsible for the first and third album (the ‘blue' and ‘green' album). This album unites the quartet's new material since their last release, 4 years ago.
Since their founding in 1992 the band has released a lot of celebrated albums, from which most have reached high US chart positions. The band has till now sold over 13 million albums world-wide. Almost every song of the latest album was created by Cuomo, initially at the piano, to transfer the song writing onto guitar at a later point and the then present it to the band. Afterwards, they turned to a man, that has been with them to record their most iconic albums (the "blue" and "green" album) - Ric Ocasek, front man of the Cars. The new LP takes the special and early 'Weezer' sound and leads it into 2014.


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