Vintar - Obscurity CD
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GenreViking Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 28.11.2014

Obscuritys new album "Vintar" is released in a smart digipak.

The last time, the self entitled album by the German obscurity gained them many news fans. This will surely continue with the new album "Vintar”. The boys play a really cool melo-black death mix with some Viking influences. So watch out Amon Amarth fans!

For meanwhile 16 years Obscurity – the "Bergische Löwen” – conquer the German and international music scene. From album to album and from show to show the number supporters is growing. After two years now, the long expected new album comes out.
The word "Vintar” is created from the Scandinavian word for winter "Vinter” and the old German word "Wintar”. It is a symbol for the united Germanic folks. Vintar has a lyrical concept and is based on the old north mythology, the fictitious story of Ragnarök. Old-Midgard, the old calculation of time and legislation are no longer in use. Many folks are enslaved or tortured and just a few have survived the twilight of gods. Centre of the stories on "Vintar” is the new continent "Wodanheim” from the view of a veteran soldier. On their journey for shelter the surviving folks find their new home in "Wodanheim”. Territorially seen ,"Wodanheim” correlates with the contemporary Europe and the main area correlates with the Bergischen Land in Germany. The strong force in this area are the tough and unbending Tenkterer. The folks' goal is the union of their surviving people and installation of a new and working society based on Germanic foundation. They also fight the destructive and external influences, because not only good things have survived Ragnarök: There are still enemies who can’t stand "Wodanheim”.
In their well known "Battle metal Storm” manner Obscurity tells this fictitious story, sometimes with a nod and a wink.


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