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Kings & queens of the underground - Billy Idol CD

Kings & queens of the underground Billy IdolCD

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GenreHard Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 17.10.2014

From punk pioneer to a global superstar … no doubt, Wiliam Michael Albert Broad, better known as Billy Idol, has left his mark in the world of music in the last three decades.
Born in 1955 in Stanmore, North London, the singer also spend some of his childhood living in Long Island, New York, before he went back to the island, where he quickly became one of the leading figures of the British punk movement. As a fierce fan of the Sex Pistols and a part of the famous 'Bromley Contigent', Idol was quickly felt to be designated for greater things and as front man in the punk pioneers 'Generation X' from 1976 till the split in 1981. Driven by the will to also make it in the USA, Idol from then on went into the very productive partnership with guitar genius Steve Stevens, which brought us some of the biggest rock anthems of all time with the songs »White Wedding«, »Dancing With Myself«, »Flesh For Fantasy«, »Hot In The City«, »Eyes Without A Face«, »Rebel Yell« and »Cradle Of Love«. Again on his new album »Kings & Queens Of The Underground« Idol perfectly shows how to combine brash punk attitude with pop and rock mainstream.

»Kings & Queens Of The Underground« has mostly been produced by Trevor Horn. For two more songs, among others also the first single »Can’t Break Me Down«, Idol has been working together with Greg Kurstin. The artwork of »Kings & Queens Of The Underground« has been designed by street artist / graphic designer Shepard Fairey.

The album will be released almost at the same time as the self-penned autobiography »Dancing With Myself«.


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