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Let us burn (Elements & Hydra live in concert) - Within Temptation CD

Let us burn (Elements & Hydra live in concert) Within TemptationCD

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Within Temptation
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GenreSymfonisk Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 14.11.2014

The symphonic rockers 'Within Temptation' are happy to present another masterpiece for their huge international fan base on 14th November. The spectacular live DVD/blu-ray/2 CD Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert’ included two of the best and most discussed concerts by WITHIN TEMPTATION recently: The symphonic "Elements” show from 2012 at the Sportpaials in Antwerp, on the occasion of the band’s 15th anniversary and the final concert of the European ‘Hydra’ arena tour in the Heineken Music Hall from May 2014 in Amsterdam. The live recordings show for sure: Within Temptation are in the musical champions league! The two impressive concert documentaries and an energetic band make for a wonderful package.

In November 2012 WITHIN TEMPTATION realized their ambitious goal to bring a bombastic show to the stage on the occasion of their 15th anniversary. The result was the unique "Elements" symphonic rock show in the Sportpalais in Antwerp. Together with 15.000 enthusiastic fans they celebrated their dream and were freshly inspired- going straight into writing their sixth studio album "Hydra", that was praised highly by the critics.
"Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert" is without doubt this autumn’s DVD/CD highlight for rock fans worldwide.


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