Sacred warpath - Sodom CD

Sacred warpath SodomCD

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GenreThrash Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 28.11.2014

Listen up, everyone! Master Tom Angelripper has something important to say, concerning the new Sodom EP "Sacred Warpath”, the world and life itself: "After receiving the impression that our world is going down the drain, we decided to become active... as long as we still can. "Sacred Warpath” was originally recorded for the upcoming album. We decided to release the song regardless, to give an impression what to expect of the upcoming Sodom tracks. It is raw, brutal and wicked and reflects what we expect and fear. Just like the hateful world we live in. And probably more authentic, than any release of the past years.”

Tom Angelripper says regarding the bonus material of the new EP: "The record includes three additional live tracks, which we recorded this year in Germany, making it a rare piece for collectors. The cover is a re-paint of an old original from the eighties, which I designed for a demo cover, converted into oil by Christian Ermel. All of that may sound old school, but that is the plan. We always were like that and we will stay that way. We hope to shorten the wait for the new LP. And now hear my clear demand: Return from your holy warpath and look for the way of peace, before it is too late. The music will guide you!”


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