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25 Years of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds - Wacken Blu-ray

25 Years of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds WackenBlu-ray

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GenreHeavy Metal
Medietype3-Blu-ray Disc
Udgivelsesdato: 21.11.2014
Various Artists - 25 Years of Wacken: Snapshots, Sraps, Thoughts & Sounds

3 x Blu-ray plus booklet - more Wacken is not possible!

On 21.11.2014 UDR Music celebrates with the release of an extensive box the silver anniversary of the worldwide largest Heavy Metal Festival - Wacken Open Air (W:O:A). The festival grew steadily from a village party to an own republic, an own nation created by the international Heavy Metal community, for anyone who wants to experience a few days of music, positive chaos and unbridled joy. All this brings W:O:A on one level with the festival elite Glastonbury and Burning Man, not only as musical explosion but also as cultural experience.

25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds documented every single inch of the festival area on 3 jam-packed albums and a booklet. Each Blue-ray covers a different area of the ultimate Wacken experience. The first disc combines the best W:O:A performances on the Black- and True Metal Stage, among others with ACCEPT, SAXON, MOTÖRHEAD, AMON AMARTH, KREATOR, HAMMERFALL, AVANTASIA.

The second disc takes the viewers to another level of W:O:A with the best live shows on the Party- and Wackinger Stages and the highlights of the Wacken Metal Battle band competition. While the third disc contains the best performances, located in the infamous Bullhead City Circus-tent, of the Headbangers- and Wet Stages.

The Blu-ray booklet is a bit less comprehensive as the scrapbook of the DVD version and shows different photo material, countless artefacts and year after year the longtime Wacken chronicler Tim Eckhorst reports how the festival grew to its present size and popularity. Conveniently, 25 Years Of Wacken - Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds is a Wacken Foundation product, from which the proceeds comes to the good of the foundation, supporting young and fresh musical talents and offering emerging artists the opportunity ro realize their dreams and musical visions.

Sound:PCM Stereo/Dolby Digital 2.0&5.1;Screen:1080i/16:9


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