Transmissions - Starset CD
Vi beklager, men denne vare er udgået, og kommer ikke igen.


Udgivelsesdato: 21.11.2014

Head and founder of STARSET is the charismatic singer, song writer, and scientist Dustin Bates. The 13 songs on "Transmissions" were produced by Rob Graves (All That Remains, Red) and combine pop melodies with harsh, rocking riffs as well as element of electronic music. Dustin Bates' voice always sings with opulent melodies and catchy hook lines. In their home country the newcomers are very popular already. The tour with Lacuna Coil through Canada and the USA has just started. Afterwards, it will go on until the middle of December as the supporting act of In This Moment. Now, STARSET is ready to present their musical message in the German music scene as well.

P.s. In US radio and the charts the single "My Demons" is extremely successful: it is among the Top 10 of the US Billboard rock charts for 41 weeks now. This makes STARSET (since existence of the Billboard charts in 1981) the only band, which has made it to stay there for such a long period of time. "My Demons" also made it into the TOP 5 of the "Mainstream rock Radio" charts just recently and it is the most-played song in the USA this year.


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