Decadent - U.D.O. CD

Decadent U.D.O.CD

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GenreHeavy Metal
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 23.01.2015

This edition of "Decadent" hits the shelves as a Digipak completed by the bonus tracks "Let Me Out" and "Shadow Eyes".

A career of more than 40 years and a worldwide breakthrough in the early 80's with his former band ACCEPT (An legendary band in it's own right, selling millions of albums in the 80's!) not only make Udo Dirkschneider the one rock legend of Germany, but also show how much he has seen in his life. The new U.D.O. album "Decadent" (released on January 23rd 2015) is criticising the mostly decadent behaviour of the high society.
On "Decadent", Udo is challenging the (bad) habits of our society trying to raise awareness for the topic. Part of that is a shocking music video. "If we all would start living only a little bit more aware and start thinking about who is going to pay for our level of living every once in a while, we could improve several serious issues", as the musician stated. "Each and every one on this world is entitled to be happy; however, none of us has the right to gain his personal happiness using or accepting the sorrow of others. We try to teach our kids the same, and we try to protect them as well as we can. How can we still not care about the others then?"


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