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Beyond the red mirror - Blind Guardian CD

Beyond the red mirror Blind GuardianCD

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Blind Guardian
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GenrePower Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 30.01.2015

Blind Guardian's album from 2015 is entitled "Beyond The Red Mirror" and is perhaps one of the most awaited releases of the coming year. On the upcoming album as well, the Power Metal heroes are not stingy with bombast and melodies.

The successor of "At The Edge Of Time" from 2010 was recorded at the Twilight Hall Studio in Grefrath and produced by Charlie Bauerfeind (SAXON, HAMMERFALL, HELLOWEEN). Blind Guardian spared no effort to work with 3 different classical choirs for this release (respectively from Prague, Budapest and the USA). Furthermore, they engaged two complete orchestras every one of which alone consisted already of 90 members.

In terms of story, "Beyond The Red Mirror" continues where the album "Imaginations From The Other Side" had ended and carries you of to a mysterious fantasy world.


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