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Geblitzdingst Dritte WahlCD

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Dritte Wahl
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Udgivelsesdato: 30.01.2015

The first edition of "Geblitzdingst" by "Dritte Wahl" comes as digipak.

From time to time, everyone of us experiences a situation one would prefer to forget. "Dritte Wahl" from Hanseatic city Rostock undergo these annoying moments as well. Sometimes one might wish for a gadget to delete the memory, like the 'flashy device' used in the movie "Men In Black" to wipe memories. Geblitzdingst - german for flashy-thinged - is the name used for this album, and also the name for the north Germans' new piece of art. On studio album number nine they once again show their musical sovereignty. Punk, rock & metal are the element "Dritte Wahl" moves in like fishes in water. Since 2010 they have - in addition to a guitar, drum set, and bass - a keyboard player as support, leading to a new spectrum of acoustic colours.
"Gelitzdingst" has been recorded in the Principal Studios in Münster with producer Jörg Umbreit running the mixer, resulting in a thrilling musical cocktail. In this colourful mixture, there is an energetic rocker "Der Spiegel", the contemplative mid tempo title "Sirenen", and a ballad accompanied by strings with "Immer auf der Reise". Opposite to this, "Teufel & Dämonen" can be counted as hardcore and only the musical tantrum "F.d.s." can top this. The title song "Geblitzdingst" is sweeping in a way that you just have to sing along, while the catchy "Stillstehen" reminds us of the NDW. Finally, "Zu wahr, um schön zu sein" starts off as a ballad and turns into a rock song, pushed by a good, rhythmic banjo.
"Sirenen" reminds of the female mythical creatures from Greek mythology that would attract sailors with their enchanting songs and send them to their deaths. Dritte Wahl make use of these myths as a metaphor for advertising industry's and capitalism's promises. "Schatten" is about death, that eventually gets all people. As a consolation the song reminds us that with every song turned off, a new one starts; that there is a continuous coming and going on earth. "Noch einmal" reminds - not without melancholy - of great moments one would love to relive. "I would love to listen to my first AC/DC album once again, without knowing it", Gunnar laughs and enthuses about old, easy times. "Nowadays, most of us have wife and kids, so we can not simply go out and for a drink like in earlier times..."


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