1980 - 83 - The Exploited CD
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Udgivelsesdato: 30.01.2015

The "The Exploited" full service.

This strong box set includes 62 songs by one of the biggest and most successful bands of the punk scene, The Exploited! Including the cart albums "Punks Not Dead" (No. 20) and "Troops Of Tomorrow" (No. 17) as well as the indie charts top ten success "Let's Starts A War... (Said Maggie One Day)". Disc #4 includes all the band's singles from the years 1980-1983, including the chart hits 'Dogs Of War' (No.65), 'Dead Cities' (No.31) and 'Attack' (No.50), as well as the indie charts hit singles 'Army Life' (No.6), 'Exploited Barmy Army' (No.4) and 'Rival Leaders' (No.11).
Every CD comes with an individual cardboard cover, which renders their original LP artwork and is in addition packed into a box.
The box also includes a 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes and many pictures from the individual album sleeves.


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