TilbageEMPThe blessed curse - After the muse
The blessed curse - After the muse - Manilla Road LP

The blessed curse - After the muse Manilla RoadLP

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GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 15.05.2015

On black vinyl.

On 'The Blessed Curse', all the trademarks that made 'Manilla Road' one of the most successful cult bands are combined. Not only does Neudi's drumming remind us of Randy Foxe, but also the songs represent what 35 years of 'Manilla Road' are all about. The CD contains the whole spectrum of their unique styles and all the lyrics tell stories again, which is another trademark of the band. 'The Blessed Curse' is the 'Manilla Road' album the fans have waited for.
Additionally, 'Manilla Road' delivers some calmer sounds and with 'All Hallows Eve' (2014), they re-release an almost forgotten classic!


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