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Songs of love and death - Beyond The Black CD

Songs of love and death Beyond The BlackCD

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Beyond The Black
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Pakkeankomst:  Sandsynligvis mellem Mandag, 28.08.2017 & Onsdag, 30.08.2017


GenreSymfonisk Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 20.02.2015

A new star is born in the Symphonic Metal genre. Beyond The Black present "Songs Of Love And Death". A work which closes a yawning gap in Germany. Beyond The Black play female fronted Metal alternating between epic and pomp, delicate Gothic melodies and powerful guitar solo parts. The focus is always on the voice of 19-year-old Jennifer Haben. Beyond The Black and their debut album that was produced by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia) in collaboration with the team of Elephant Music is the logical consequence.


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