Terlingua - Mono Inc. CD

Terlingua Mono Inc.CD

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Mono Inc.
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GenreGotisk Metal
UdgaveDeluxe Edition
MedietypeCD & DVD
Udgivelsesdato: 22.05.2015

"Terlingua" is released as a CD and DVD combination in a digipak. On the DVD there is interesting bonus material worth hearing, for example the exclusive piano version of "An Klaren Tagen", Interviews, "Making of Tag X", a video clip of "Tag X" and much more!

Everything is big in Texas: The extent of the scenery, the distance to the next town, the steaks on the barbecue - even the room for new thoughts seems to have a XXL format. At least that's what MONO INC. experienced, the band from Hamburg spent five days on a ranch at Rio Grande in May 2014. What was originally planned as a small vacation after their first US gig turned into something much greater: 'Terlingua', the eighth album by the successful band, of which industry insiders have high hopes. 'Mono Inc.' turned into a real Top ten guarantee with the previous albums "After The War" (Top 6) and "Nimmermehr" (top 3). 'Terlingua' got its name from the small town in West Texas, who's deep soul influenced the 13 songs on the album. Astronomers like the deserted area because of the jet-black nights, in which you can see all the stars in the sky, which elsewhere are covered by artificial light. "I have newer experienced such darkness, emptiness and loneliness elsewhere. This place almost forces you to perceive things differently and to reflect", remembers the well travelled singer Martin Engler. The magic of 'Terlingua' did not let go of the four musicians and half a year later they came back to "their" ranch to produce their most personal album.


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