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… und wir vergessen was vor uns liegt - Marathonmann CD

… und wir vergessen was vor uns liegt MarathonmannCD

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Udgivelsesdato: 01.05.2015

Jewel case edition.

As the EP "Kein Rückzug Kein Aufgeben", produced by Aljoscha Sieg in the Pitchback Studios in Cologne, already did before - the twelve new tracks on "... Und Wir Vergessen Was Vor Uns Liegt" once again impressively prove that 'Marathonmann' have cut their own path. This one is special and odd: German-language post-punk influenced by various other styles, but still making perfect sense and having both heart and deepness with a quality that will gain acceptance. The storm will come - it's just a matter of time.
In 2012, Marathonmann released their debut EP "Die Stadt Gehört Den Besten" including a low budget video accompanying the title song; these efforts make it a veritable underground hit unleashing hell. In 2013 the band raised the ante by publishing their official debut album "Holzschwert". Both the press and the audience agree: Marathonmann combines the best of song writing, musical anchoring in punk, metal and hardcore and the skill to write fascinating lyrics. That are very personal but are still true to lots of listeners.


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