Luminiferous - High On Fire LP
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Medietype2-LP & CD
Udgivelsesdato: 19.06.2015

The vinyl edition of the album comes as extra heavy, black 180g 2LP (Gatefold). There is a fancy motif etched into side D. As a bonus, a CD with all album tracks is enclosed in the 2LP in a transparent pocket.

After three years of silence High On Fire, the titans of Stoner/doom metal, are back with their organically and violently produced new album "Luminiferous”, created by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Torche, Kvelertak). One riff after another, front man Matt Pike (who still sounds just like a young, rundown version of Lemmy) and his guys wallow in the mud of the genre and throw arduous hymns out there, which are made for men that interpret the use of deodorant as an assault and misbehave whilst listening to the Motörhead inspired songs with beer in their beards! Real riffs for real men, eroded doom born in the gutter – or to quote Rolling Stone: "Matt Pike is the god of guitars of a generation of bikers, barbarians and beardos, and "Luminiferous” is one of their best moments. Full of gruff he-man-roaring and pumped-up Motörhead riffs that would provide the perfect soundtrack for the 666th season of Game Of Thrones.” Nothing to add.


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