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20 Wahre Jahre (Ltd. 20th anniversary 13-CD Box) - In Extremo CD

20 Wahre Jahre (Ltd. 20th anniversary 13-CD Box) In ExtremoCD

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In Extremo
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GenreMiddelalder/Folk Rock
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 04.09.2015

A total biggie on the occasion of the In Extremo jubilee is the deluxe box set "20 Wahre Jahre". The hearts of collectors leap for joy at the sight of the enormous 13 CD box set. This CD box will include all 10 studio albums by the band (from "Goldenen" to "Kunstraub"), as well as the live album "Die Verrückten sind in der Stadt" (all digitally remastered) and an additional CD with a lot of bonus tracks, B sides and rarities collections (including the brand new jubilee single "Loreley").
In addition, the band has made an - until now - unreleased live recording of the "Tranquilo" acoustic tour from 2010. The CD box includes an extensive 60 pages book with rare pictures, liner notes to every album and a numbered art print. They also have gifted themselves with a birthday song for their jubilee. With "Loreley" a completely new song will be on the rarities CD.

CD 1-11: all studio albums + „Die Verrückten sind in der Stadt“, digitally remastered
CD 12: Rarities-CD including B sides, bonus tracks and the brand new jubilee single „LORELEY“
CD 13: unpublished „Tranquilo“-Live-CD (Unplugged 2009)
An exclusive, numbered art print
60 page hard cover book


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