Underworld - Symphony X CD

Underworld Symphony XCD

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Symphony X
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GenreProgressivt Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 24.07.2015

The first release appears in a cardboard slipcase.

The masters of Progressive Metal, Symphony X from New Jersey, have announced their brand-new, ninth studio album "Underworld". Again Michael Romeo, the band's chief songwriter and owner of The Dungeon, the legendary studio in which the epic was created and equipped with the latest technology needed, has created with his band a breathtaking masterpiece. The 11 tracks are extremely homogeneous and are one of the best works the quintet has created so far. As far as the artwork is concerned, the band worked with their proven drawer Warren Flanagan again (WATCHMEN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, 2012) whose atmospheric art is the icing on the cake.


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