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Heading for tomorrow (Anniversary Edition) - Gamma Ray CD

Heading for tomorrow (Anniversary Edition) Gamma RayCD

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Gamma Ray
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GenrePower Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 24.07.2015

This remastered and extended re-release comes with rare B sides, new liner notes and with unreleased demos and live songs from the band archive.

25 years after their official debut, Gamma Ray have taken upon themselves the monumental task to re-release the entire band catalogue as deluxe double CDs. The original albums of the band are presented entirely new: CD 1 contains remastered versions (as well as all B sides), whereas CD 2 contains bonus material. The bonus CD contains live recordings, brand-new studio recordings, exclusive demo versions from the original tapes, digitalized for the first time, as well as alternative versions. After the worldwide success of the current studio album "Empire Of The Undead”, Kai Hansen decided to continue the cooperation with the production team Eike Freese und Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn). Together with Hansen, they spend countless hours on the digitalization and remastering of dozens of tapes, alternative versions and ideas, that up to now have been kept hidden in the band's archive.


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