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Brummbär EisregenCD

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GenreDeath Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 10.07.2015

Digipak edition.

One month before the release of their new full length output "Marschmusik", Eisregen provide their fans with a juicy appetiser for the album with this "Brummbär" EP. It features the following ear candies: the smasher 'Panzerschokolade' which was already performed live by the band at Hate festival in April and the Wave Gothic festival, 'Gott Der Panzer' in an alternative version to the one on the album, the new song 'Luftschlag' which is exclusively available here, plus three remixes of well-known war-themed. Eisregen hits. 'Auf ewig Ostfront' was transformed into an extremely dance-friendly version, 'Eisenkreuzkrieger' is interpreted by Zimmermann like a soundtrack, and 'Schakal' gets a radical electronic treatment from the Tambach natives.
That said, it's obvious that this EP, with all of the mentioned interesting and mostly exclusive material is a Must Have for any Eisregen fan, and an excellent "while u wait" gift - this will sweeten the days until "Marschmusik" will be finally released.


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